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Over the past 20 years, our team has developed innovative software solutions for entertainment industry leaders, including Disney, MGM, Paramount Pictures, and Sony. Most recently, we launched RightsIn Rights On Demand™ Marketplace which automated rights management for exclusive, global licensing deals online in real-time. Having experienced the problems facing the entertainment industry first hand, we have launched a new platform that utilizes blockchain technology as a solution.

Content authentication

Focused on protecting content creators, fair compensation, and transparency, RightsLedger allows users to register, authenticate, and publish their content ownership on an immutable ledger.

Rights Management

The first step to generating revenue with digital content is turning it into a sellable good by creating a universe of digital rights. The complex process of tracking and managing available and sold rights is now an automatic process.

Content Monetization

Revolutionizing the digital content licensing process, RightsLedger allows content owners to create, track, and record every deal on the blockchain. Creating transparency in ownership while keeping private information between the parties involved.

Consumer Inclusive Economy

Allowing consumers to get involved in the digital content supply chain by building relationships directly with content creators and distributors through innovative rewards programs and content financing opportunities.




Creating a universal ledger of content ownership and sales data to ensure fair compensation and legal use of content


Register your content ownership on a blockchain for proof of authenticity and prevent infringement using our decentralized content fingerprinting solution


Our applications focus on simplicity in a complex industry to empower small creators and businesses to achieve success


The traditional licensing model is too expensive for small content creators and businesses. Our pay-as-you-go applications aim to be affordable for all


Low-cost, fast, and trustable payments anywhere in the world


Sensitive data is encrypted before posting it on our universal ledger


Track and manage your content, licensing deals, and sales data




The first step towards protecting your content is to have immutable proof that you own it.


Create, manage, and execute content licensing deals on the blockchain.


Simplifying a complex business by introducing automation to digital rights management.


Fast, low-cost, and trustable payments around the world.


Buy and sell digital content licenses anywhere in the world at the touch of a button.


Affordable services focused on empowering content creators.




  • Founded WebConcepts, Inc.
  • Developed a demand planning and replenishment solution for DVD & Blu Ray which was adopted by Disney, MGM, Paramount and Sony.
  • Awarded US Patent 7,848,967 B2 in 2007.


  • Founded RightsIn, Inc.
  • Developed the first real-time digital rights management platform using our proprietary Availability Engine.


  • Launched the RightsIn Rights On Demand Marketplace.
  • Grew our ecosystem of content creators, distributors, and licensees around the world.
    • Over 1,000 films listed
    • Brokered licensing deals in 15+ countries


1st Quarter

  • Founded Rights Ledger, Inc.
  • Began research & development of blockchain integrated rights management applications.

4th Quarter

  • Launched Content Registry (Alpha) application for video content.
  • Launched Licensing DealPad (Alpha) application for video licensing.
  • Completed content fingerprint proof of concept and feasibility testing.
  • Completed 1st draft of the White Paper & One Pager.


2nd Quarter

  • Launch Content Registry v1.0 application for video content.
  • Launch Licensing DealPad v1.0 application for video licensing.
  • Launch Content Fingerprint (Alpha) application for video content.
  • Launch the RightsToken (RTK).

4th Quarter

  • Launch Third-Party Content Source Integration feature for Content Registry v1.0.


1st Quarter

  • Launch Content Acquisition v1.0 application.
  • Launch Content Monetization v1.0 application.

2nd Quarter

  • Launch Payment Portal v1.0 application.
  • Launch Content Financing v1.0 application.

3rd Quarter

  • Launch Digital Delivery & Distribution v1.0 application.

4th Quarter

  • Launch Post-Production & Services v1.0 application.



Ray Young

Ray Young

Founder & CEO

Ray is a serial entrepreneur that revolutionized physical video distribution around the world with WebConcepts in 1998. He is now leading the revolution of IP management and monetization with RightsIn and RightsLedger.

Richard Gunawan

Richard Gunawan

Chief Technology Officer

Leading our software development team, Richard has created and delivered software solutions to companies including Paramount Pictures, Disney, and Sony Entertainment for over a decade.

Michael Brown

Michael Brown

Chief Financial Officer

Having worked in financial service for over 30 years, Michael is a practicing CPA with prior experience working at KPMG, serving on many boards of directors including President of multiple Chambers of Commerce, and teaching FP&A and federal income tax law.

Steve Gunawan

Steve Gunawan

Software Developer

Steve leads RightsLedger’s cross-platform software development and creates revolutionary framework for mobile device hybrid applications.

Brandyn Young

Brandyn Young

Business Dev & Strategy

Utilizing his previous experience in equity research and financial analysis to drive value, Brandyn leads business development and strategic planning at RightsLedger.

Mitch Milstein

Mitch Milstein

Corporate Counsel

Mitch is experienced in IP and corporate matters having practiced at Rutan & Tucker LLP and Quiksilver, Inc. prior to establishing his own firm, MilsteinLaw, APC. He has extensive IP licensing experience including copyrightlicenses for video content, music, literary works, as well as IP law including trademark, copyright, and patent litigations.



Henry Bibby

Henry Bibby

Industry Advisor

Mr. Bibby is an accomplished Head Coach with 40 years of professional and college experience. He has a track record of building winning basketball programs at all levels and is a Former NBA player and UCLA Hall of Fame Coaching Profile.

Stuart Alson

Stuart Alson

Industry Advisor

Mr. Alson is the CEO & President of ITN Distribution, Inc., a leading independent film distribution company, known to buyers worldwide and has quickly established itself as a major player in the world of film distribution.

Mary Juetten

Mary Juetten

Content Advisor

Mary is passionate about small business success, particularly the identification and protection of IP rights for inventors, artists, and business owners. She has extensive experience as a software company CEO ( and an international speaker & author.

Michael Shelton

Michael Shelton

Business Advisor

Mr. Shelton is an International Business Investment Analyst and Entrepreneur with over 20 years of corporate business experience in two Fortune 100 companies. He is well known for launching, leading and building new businesses. He holds an MBA and BS from the USC Marshall School of Business.

Kirsten Roling

Kirsten Roling

Industry Advisor

Dr. Roling brings healthcare expertise spanning research, compliance, regulation, education, policy, and public health administration, having held positions including Chief for the Office of Oral Health, Maricopa County and CEO of an online continuing education platform.

Kirsten Roling

Thomas Wang

Financial Advisor

Mr. Wang is an International Business Investor and Entrepreneur with over 20 years in funding and building multimillion-dollar businesses in Asia. Thomas is well known for founding and building Cenwood Telecom into one of the largest secondary telecom distribution business in Asia.

Thien A. Pham

Thien A. Pham

Production Advisor

Mr. Pham is a producer/director with specialized experience in over 15 different languages and markets. He is the founder and partner of several global-focused film and media production and distribution companies.

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